Ghoroloi is one of those songs that a musician makes for himself / herself. It was by sheer chance that Joi happened to share it with Jankee one fine evening. Like any hungry artiste, she asked Joi to let her sing it despite being fully aware that a Gujarati girl was asking to sing an Assamese song!
Vocals - Jankee
Music - Joi Barua
Lyrics - Ibson Lal Barua
Programming & Guitars - Pawan Rasaily
Bass - Manas Choudhary
Mixing & Mastering - Abani Tanti
Direction - Ajay Singh
Cinematography - Ayush Das
Post Production - Islahuddin NS
Editing - Guruswamy
Styling - Yana Ngoba
Creative Producer - Nakuul Mehta
Special thanks to Siddharth Kashyap & Iris Maity
Jankee adds: "Special mention for Ibson Lal Baruah who has written the wonderfully quirky lyrics and who has been such a great help in getting my pronunciations correct! "Barhe Ador", Ibson da!

Big thank you to my gang of buoys behind this debut effort - Ajay Singh (Video direction), Ayush Das (Cinematograpghy), Sudeesh Nair (Choreography), Isla (Post production) & Yana Ngoba (Styling)"
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Copyright 2011~2014 • Ayush Das Stills & Motion Picture Photography • Images & Motion picture content are protected under Indian and International Copyright laws.

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