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The Story of Mayoor Bakery
Alibag, Maharashtra, India
Mrs. Vidya Patil was born in Bharamti and studied in Pune. She married Dr. Vasant Patil of Alibag, Raigad District, and moved to the small seaside town where she had two daughters and worked in a school. After a couple of years she felt the desire to take up a bigger challenge. In fact, she came from a family which believed strongly in never idling time and contributing to society, so she too was getting eager to leave her mark. She observed the village and found that affordable good quality food products would have a market and a purpose for the population. So, in 1977, at the age of 30, she opened Mayoor bakery on Tilak Road, Alibaug. It started off as a small institution with 2 bakers and wood stoves. In one year she started to see profits and everyone was surprised that this young woman's project was viable and scalable. In 10 years she grew to the side of over 30 employees and decided to move from wood stoves to electric ovens. She was the first bakery owner in Raigad District to take this leap. 

Today Mrs. Vidya Patil has 47 employees under her: 15 male bakers, 29 sales girls or packagers, and one manager. She has the largest bakery in Alibag and attracts 1000s of customers a day. Even though the town now has more money, she has kept prices low so that even the poorest in the village has access to her quality goods. Beyond building a business, Mrs. Patil has built a community. She has bought each one of her male bakers a property and built them a house. She insists all their children attend school and pays for their education even up to university. She pushes their wives to start businesses of their own and sells their products in her shop. Her staff and their families remains loyal and hard working because she is loyal and works hard for them. It is her workers happiness which is the key to her success and her satisfaction. This video is a tribute to Mrs. Vidya Patil and what she has accomplished, but above all it is a tribute to her workers and their fantastic spirit which has made her dream come true.
Head-baker, Datta
An employee at the bakery store
Mrs Vidya Patil at the Store
A baker, hard at work
Mrs Vidya Patil
The bakery manager
A baker
Vrishesh, Baker
Raju, Baker
Pawan, another baker at Mayuur
Mrs Vidya Patil packing a delicious pineapple cake
Pawan, Baker
Another baker at Mayuur
An employee at Mayuur
A customer
Mrs Vidya Patil icing a cake
Kids stand next to the Menu board. Students from a nearby college come to the bakery everyday. 
Mrs Vidya Patil at the Store
Mrs Vidya Patil greeting every single customer with a warm smile. Everyday!
An employee at the bakery store
An employee at the bakery store
An cashier at the Mayuur bakery store
An employee at the bakery store
An employee at the bakery store
Tea Time at the bakery
Mrs Vidya Patil at the Mayuur Office
A regular customer at Mayuur
Mrs Vidya Patil heading home
Mrs Vidya Patil discussing inventory with the bakers and vendors
Alibaug, Maharashtra, India
Mrs Vidya Patil at the store chatting up with a customer
Mayuur Bakery Store
Mayuur Bakery Store
An employee at the bakery store
Datta, the senior most baker at Mayuur Bakery
Kids enjoying their purchase
Datta taking a break
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