Eternal Flames
Neha+Rohit & Karan + Nicky's Wedding trailer
Strange Sadhu™ Weddings made six videos for Neha+Rohit & Karan+Nicky. This first presentation is the preview presentation/ teaser for their wedding film. It features Neha & Karan's parents.
Eternal Flames: A wedding preview • Also available on vimeo(HQ):
This second presentation features both couples Neha+Rohit & Karan+Nicky and all the guests invited at their insane pool party. Why insane? take a look!
This third presentation is Neha+Rohit's Wedding prelude. Their film is 60 minutes in length and starts with this musical extravaganza.
We hope you've enjoyed watching the wedding films we've put together for the two beautiful couples. May they be eternally happy. If you'd like us to make your wedding film. Contact us.
Thank You!
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