After ages I've returned to the Ishqbaaaz set to capture some candid moments of the cast and crew. Expect to see some beautiful and hilarious moments. If you've seen Nakuul's previous show on star plus then you would be familiar with my style of photography when it comes to capturing behind the scene moments. Expect something similar here. Nakuul, Surbhi, Kunal, Shrenu, Mansi & Leenesh are fun people to hang with and I'm sure you'll enjoy these photos as much as I have enjoyed photographing them. Also, feel free to share these photos with your friends and family. Cheers!

Just one more take!!!

Boredom has arrived

Tu ghar nahi gaya?

Here take my car!

Kya bola tu?

Boy's toys

K: Scissor Paper stone?

L: Jute toh pehen pelhle!

Look into my sexy brown eyes!

Just gimme one Lenon Quote!

Not another take!!!!! 

Caption this!

Boredom has arrived

Habibi ji, the Choreographer

Caption this image and post on insta. Tag me and I'll repost the best one

The creatives

A lot of planning goes into the picturization of each shot

Thought bubble: "useless!!!"

Lennon Baba

Your visionary Ishqbaaaz Director

Mattoo's 'I told you so' moment

Nakuul: "Whoaa that's a loot of excitement!"

"These actors i tell you"

"Just fixin' ma hair, sista"

"Are you Iron Man?"


"My second and third takes are the best, hahahahahahahaha. Gimme 5!"

Shrenu just chilling. While Kunal is being foregrounded by a human obstacle

Quick practice of the dance moves before the next take

The Mansion from the top of the staircase

"Lemme just check my insta feed before the next take"

Whoa, so grand!

"Whooo let the cats out! whoooooo"


I see you baby

I know you used that light as filler even though i told you not to

The director: Lalit Mohan

Caption this and post it to insta. Tag me. And i'll repost the best one.

what's happening there?

I am!

Your director, Mr. Lalit Mohan

you didn't go the thy gym today?

Star Plus, here i coooomeee!

"I hope I'm not looking to nerdy"

you need a hair cut

Gym ja na... body shody bana!

"That's ma boy!"

Shrenu & Kunal have given their humbs up! ready to roll. Nakuul & Surbhi must be debating over about the Vegan lifestyle

Oopsy Daisy

watch and learn, son

More learning

The blank look on Kunal's face. Maybe he was just posing for moi

I'll just let the picture do all the talking

Hope you're following my work on..

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• Images & videos are protected under Indian and International Copyright laws.
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